Fracking Free Ireland pledge

I have signed up to Friends of the Earth’s Fracking Free Ireland pledge.

“I support a Fracking Free Ireland. If elected, I will work to ensure that fracking is not permitted in my area.”

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Commiserations and Thanks

For those of you following but not on twitter or fb we came 10th, just missing out on the 9th seat. It was a great first election campaign and after a short break we’ll be back into the activism, whilst the 6 FF/FG/Lab councillors elected won’t be seen again for 5 years.

I would like to try and thank everyone who was involved in the campaign now. I hope I don’t miss anyone, apologies if I’ve left your name off.

Firstly to John McCabe, the campaign manager, who besides myself invested the most time in this campaign, I don’t know what we’ll talk about anymore now this is over. To our canvassers Yoann, Eoin, Fiona, Laura, John Hayes, Joe, Gearoid, Madeleine, and Milly, thank you, I’m sure you all won us dozens of votes on the doorsteps.

To those people who helped with leafleting, postering and proof-reading: Jen, Mick Murphy, Mam, Dad, Ian, Andy, Grill, Geraldine, Katie, Ger, Phil, Patrick, Jacqueline, Rita, John McC, Peter, Colm, Brendan, Ciarán, Damien, Fergus, Hassan, Alvagh, Lorna, Thomas, Alice, and Emeka.

To Réada and Brendan, who were both available for chats about general strategy, sadly I won’t be joining the two of you on the council.

To all the bands and acts who performed at our fundraisers, I don’t know the name of every individual but in particular Niall, whom without we wouldn’t have been able to organise the main gig.

To all those who contributed money and attended our fundraisers and supported us in other ways, thank you. To all those who sent messages of support on social media, by text.

Finally to my girlfriend Muireann, who more than anyone else, believed in me and supported me through what wasn’t a particularly happy and breezy few months. I’m sorry for being tired, grumpy, and distracted all this time, now I have no excuses…until the next time that is 😉

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People Before Profit make significant gains in local elections

Richard Boyd Barrett TD

Latest News:

15 Councillors elected for People Before Profit Alliance across Ireland. Some more results to come in…

Cllr Brid Smith in Dublin Euro elections in Dublin polled 23,875 votes.

gcarroll Cllr Gerry Carroll, Belfast City Council

Belfast City Council

Gerry Carroll, Black Mountain Ward, West Belfast

Cllr Deirdre Wadding, Wexford County Council Cllr Deirdre Wadding, Wexford County Council

Wexford County Council

Deirdre Wadding, Wexford

Seamus O'Boyle, Sligo County Council Seamus O’Boyle, Sligo County Council

Sligo County Council

Seamus O’Boyle, Sligo

Dublin City Council

Brid Smith, Ballyfermot/Drimnagh

Cllr John Lyons & Cllr Tina MacVeigh, Dublin City Council Cllr John Lyons & Cllr Tina MacVeigh, Dublin City Council

Tina MacVeigh, Crumlin/Kimmage

John Lyons, Donaghmede/Beaumount

Andrew Keegan, Ballymun

Sonya Stapleton, Pembroke/South Dock

Cllr Sonia Stapleton, Dublin City Council Cllr Sonya Stapleton, Dublin City Council

Dun Laoghaire Rathdown

Cllr Melisa Halpin & Cllr Karl Gill, DLR Council Cllr Melisa Halpin & Cllr Karl Gill, DLR Council

Melisa Halpin, Dun Laoghaire

Karl Gill, Dun Laoghaire

Hugh Lewis, Killiney/Shankill

South Dublin County Council

Cllr Gino Kenny, South Dublin County Council Cllr Gino Kenny, South Dublin County Council

Gino Kenny, Clondalkin

Ruth Nolan, Lucan

Nicky Coules, Tallaght South

Cllr Nicky Coules, South Dublin County Council Cllr Nicky…

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Vote tomorrow!

Hi folks,

Remember that tomorrow is the date of the poll. If people could please text/call/email every soul they know in the electoral area that would be amazing, it will make a difference as a lot of people will be undecided even this close to the day.

The key point to make to persuade someone is that we’re not just different because we’re not FG/FF/Labour. We’re different because regardless of tomorrow’s result we’ll still be fighting austerity in our locality.

Also, if people are having issues tomorrow, getting to the polling station, etc, just give me a shout on the number below.

Voting is 7am to 10pm and remember to bring photo ID!

Thanks for all your support,

Phone: 0860878114

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Final pre-election ambulance picket

Fantastic turnout for our last picket before the election. Bring on tomorrow, don’t forget the ambulance issue when you vote!

IMAG0248 IMAG0251

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Message to voters in Prosperous, Derrinturn and surrounding areas

A number of people have asked what we’ll do to help Prosperous, Derrinturn, and the other more westward towns and villages of our electoral area if we’re elected.

Firstly we haven’t canvassed there. We haven’t the resources unfortunately. However, it’s just not our brand of politics to stay local to our stronger areas and ignore places where we’re not strong, or where are members or supporters are not currently based.

If elected we’ll fight on behalf of all members of our electoral area, to resist water charges, to campaign for social and affordable housing, to challenge the non-action on the issue of unfinished estates.

So if you live outside of Maynooth and Kilcock, and you want an alternative, please do not be put off by the fact that we are not “local”. Join us, campaign with us, vote for us and then we can organise proper anti-austerity resistance in your area!

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5 Reasons to Vote #1 Martin Grehan

Hi all,

Our final video to promote the campaign and explain what we’re about. A rejection of parish pump politics and resistance and dissent on local issues like unfinished estates and the ambulance cuts.

Please share widely.

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